Friday, May 17, 2013

Ain't Technology Great for Education

Just finished Spring 2013 semester. My advise to anyone attending college-get it over with ASAP! It's tough enough to get through when you're twenty. At fifty, it's exhausting! Just learning how to navigate software like Blackboard and ANGEL in order to submit assignments can be intimidating. Technology is suppose to enhance communication. Yet, in some instances, it's an impediment. I even watched the videos, and I'm still not sure I'm using the Blackboard discussion forum properly.

Every time I download software for use in a class, it inevitably adds some toolbar to my Web browser, even though I unchecked that option before beginning the download. Nothing says "successful semester" like spending a couple of hours finding these add-ons and deleting them. Now, I just go to the uninstall feature immediately after the download, and any program with a name different than the one required for class, is promptly deleted.