Friday, January 27, 2012

Two Words I Won't Tell My Waiter/Waitress-NO TIP!

Have you ever seen these online articles that begin with "10 things XXXX won't tell you?", and as you're reading down the list you inevitably encounter something you do?

I found out that my order for hot tea may annoy the person waiting on me in a restaurant. Really? I'm paying two dollars for a ten cent bag of tea, the cost of which I include in my tip calculation, and somehow, this is annoying. Well, I have to say that I'm pretty annoyed about having to tip someone who thinks serving me hot tea is an inconvenience.

Supposedly, the article was written based on a survey of waiters/waitresses, but I doubt anyone surveyed ever worked as a waiter/waitress in a decent restaurant or diner. When I waited tables, you'd try to entice the customer to spend as much money as possible. If serving a patron hot tea is annoying, maybe it's time to chose another occupation that doesn't rely on "service" as a large portion of your income!

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